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Indiana Primaries: 5 Headlines That Tell Where Republicans And Democrats Stand

Republican Ted Cruz has ended his candidacy, after Donald Trump won Indiana to all but clinch victory. Bernie Sanders also won, with 52 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton's 47 percent.

Hoosier Judgment Spells End For Cruz, Triumph For Trump And Another Round For Sanders

Nine states still have to vote on the Democratic side, and Sanders is well-positioned to win several or most — but he needs to win all by overwhelming margins to catch Clinton in pledged delegates.

With Cruz Out Of The GOP Race, Will His Supporters Back Trump?

One of Ted Cruz's most important constituencies in the contest for the presidential nomination was religious conservatives. Rachel Martin talks to Ron Johnson, head of the Indiana Pastors Alliance.

Obama To Travel To Flint, Where City Water Still Requires A Filter

President Obama visits Flint, Mich., on Wednesday for the first time since the water crisis began. Flint residents are still relying on bottled water and faucet filters to get safe drinking water.

Trump Will Have To Pivot To Appeal To Female Voters, Rep. Marino Says

Steve Inskeep and Rachel Martin talk to Rep. Tom Marino, R-PA, who says now that the primary contests are winding down, wounds will have to heal, and then the party can coalesce behind Donald Trump.

Cruz Drops Out; Party Official Calls Trump 'Presumptive Nominee'

The GOP primary race is all but over. After losing in Indiana, Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. That leaves Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Trump has a commanding lead over Kasich.

While The GOP Race Is Essentially Over, Democrats Press On

Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in Indiana. It wasn't a big enough win to erode Hillary Clinton's massive lead in pledged delegates, but it was a win. Sanders vows to fight on.

Indiana Primary: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Win; Ted Cruz Drops Out

Donald Trump won decisively on Tuesday. NPR's Mara Liasson reports on the GOP turning point. And, Rachel Martin talks to Democratic pollster Margie Omero and Republican pollster Jim Hobart.

Amid Water Crisis, Obama Prepares To Visit Flint, Mich.

He's there to check in on federal efforts to help the Michigan city's residents after dangerous levels of lead in tap water were discovered last year.

Ted Cruz Ends Presidential Campaign After Indiana Loss

"From the beginning I've said that I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory," Cruz told supporters. "Tonight I'm sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed."

Donald Trump Wins Republican Primary In Indiana

The last polls in Indiana have closed, and Donald Trump is projected to win the GOP primary. On the Democratic side, the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is still too close to call.

As Cruz Exits Race, Trump Cements His Spot As Likely GOP Nominee

Ted Cruz ended his campaign after losing must-win Indiana. Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton, but she keeps a large lead in pledged Democratic delegates.

In Indiana, Donald Trump Looks To Cement Path To GOP Nomination

Voters in Indiana are at the polls Tuesday in a presidential primary that could largely determine the outcome of the GOP race, while Bernie Sanders fights on to influence Democrats.

British Labour Party Accused Of Harboring Anti-Semites

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Jonathan Freedland, columnist for The Guardian, about the problems within the British Labour Party and the political left over anti-Semitism.

Ted Cruz Pulls Out All The Stops In Indiana Primary

Republican Ted Cruz has put it all on the line in Tuesday's Indiana primary, making it a proving ground for efforts to stop Donald Trump from clinching the GOP nomination.

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