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Top Lawyer For Civil Rights At Justice Department Leaving After Roughly 6 Months

Thomas Wheeler led the Justice Department's civil rights unit through a period of transition. He told lawyers he never intended to stay in the job permanently.

Gov. John Hickenlooper On Democrats' Plans For Health Care

Rachel Martin talks with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado about what Democrats plan to do after Senate Republicans failed to pass their latest health care bill.

Amid Russia Scandals, Conservative Media Provides Air Cover For President Trump

"Trump voters are never going to fall for this collusion story and are never going to buy into this notion that the Russians rigged it with Trump," said talk radio host Rush Limbaugh this week.

Morning News Brief: GOP Health Plan Fails In Senate, Pakistan's Sharif Removed

Sen. John McCain joined two other Republicans in voting against the latest GOP plan to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act, dealing a potential death blow to their efforts.

Inside The White House Drama

Steve Inskeep talks with reporter Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine about the apparent tension that's erupted among members of the White House staff.

Pentagon Reacts To Trump's Transgender Service Member Ban

We have the latest on how the Department of Defense is reacting to President Trump's call to exclude transgender people from the military.

Senate Fails To Pass Latest GOP Health Care Bill

At the end of a long night on the Senate floor, Republicans failed to get enough votes to pass their latest effort to undo parts of the Affordable Care Act, helped in part by Sen. John McCain.

McCain Votes No, Dealing Potential Death Blow To Republican Health Care Efforts

After a week of high drama, another played out in the early hours of Friday with Sen. John McCain joining two moderate Republicans, two independents and every Democrat in voting against the bill.

In A Rare Show Of Bipartisanship, Senate Sends Russia Sanctions To Trump

The Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to impose new sanctions on Russia, North Korea and Iran — over threats from the White House to veto the measure.

Repeal-And-Replace Effort In Senate Still Dominated By Confusion

Republicans headed into an all-night session in an uncomfortable position where the only legislation they can potentially pass is a bill most senators oppose.

Top Trump Aide Says Ethics Filings Discourage Potential Government Employees

In an interview on Fox & Friends, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway called federal disclosure rules "disincentivising" for qualified people who might otherwise want to join the administration.

In Tacoma, Washington, Volunteers Offer Aid Outside Immigration Detention Center

Outside the immigration detention center in Tacoma, Washington, a group of volunteers waits for people being released. They offer the former detainees food, clothing, cash, and help getting home.

Reaction To Trump's Plan To Ban Transgender People From The Military

The president's announcement that he will ban transgender people from the military is generating strong reaction. Some say it's a diversionary tactic. Others say trans people affect unit cohesion.

The Presidential Pardon Power: What Are Its Limits?

In a recent tweet, President Trump stated that he has the "complete power to pardon." NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg explores what the possible limits of that power might be.

Kansas Governor Ends Tenure As One Of Least Popular In Country

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has been nominated to a State Department post, ending his tenure as one of the least popular governors in the country.

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