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WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton Aides Knew They Had An Email Problem On Their Hands

"We need to clean this up," one aide wrote after President Obama said he had learned of Hillary Clinton's private email server "through news reports."

Dedicated California Democrat Praises Clinton For Her Toughness

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Roz Wyman, an 86-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter from California. She was the youngest person to ever be elected to the Los Angeles City Council and has dedicated her life to electing women to office.

As Democrats Eye Senate Control, GOP Likely To Hold Slim House Majority

Democrats need a wave election to win the 30 seats they need to flip the House. But even with Hillary Clinton gaining in polls, Republicans are likely to hold onto their House majority, albeit a slimmer one.

Kelly's Clash With Gingrich On Fox Reveals Rifts Beyond Trump

Kelly's unexpected dispute with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich illuminates why Trump's poll numbers are crashing. Gingrich attempted to lecture Kelly on her fascination with sex and scandal.

How Populism Shattered A Class Of Experts In 'The Guardian'

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Sebastian Mallaby, who wrote an article in The Guardian about living in an era dominated by economic experts and its recent challenges.

Clinton's Email Server Back In Spotlight After WikiLeaks Release

Before Hillary Clinton even officially announced her candidacy for president, she was answering questions about the private email server she used as secretary of state. That controversy is back in the spotlight with a new WikiLeaks release.

Trump Attends Grand Opening Of New Washington, D.C., Hotel

Donald Trump attended the grand opening of his new hotel in Washington, D.C., Wednesday. It's the latest instance where the candidate has brought campaign media attention to his businesses.

White House Photographer On Being An 'Eyewitness To History'

NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to White House photographer Pete Souza about photographing the president and his tenure in the role.

N.J. House Race Up For Grabs After GOP Incumbent Loses Wall Street Support

GOP Rep. Scott Garrett's big backers on Wall Street pulled their support after his anti-gay comments went public. Polls show Democratic challenger Josh Gottheimer is within striking distance.

Sanders Delegate Describes Feeling Of Being 'Bullied' Into Backing Clinton

NPR's Audie Cornish checks back in with Anita Lynch, a 74-year-old delegate for Bernie Sanders from Denver. She is a former science teacher and substance abuse counselor. As part of our series of voter conversations, we reconnect with voters and take the temperature of how they're feeling about the election since we last met them.

Why Texas Is Closer To Turning Blue Than It Has Been In Decades

The Lone Star state has gone Republican for the last 40 years, but GOP women have soured on Donald Trump and Latinos are fired up against him.

Donald Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized With A Pickax

Police are still investigating, but a man who identified himself as the vandal can be seen on a video destroying the star as onlookers giggle and ask for the smashed bits as souvenirs.

For First Time, U.S. Abstains On U.N. Resolution Criticizing Cuba Embargo

The U.S. has always opposed the annual U.N. resolution calling for an end to the U.S. embargo on Cuba, but it abstained this time. The White House opposes the embargo and has taken steps to ease it.

Trump Often Uses The Campaign Spotlight To Promote His Own Brand

Donald Trump's attendance at the grand opening of his hotel in Washington, D.C., is just the latest example of the GOP nominee bringing media attention to his businesses.

Some Machines Are Flipping Votes, But That Doesn't Mean They're Rigged

As early voting starts, there are scattered reports of touch-screen voting machines "flipping" votes from one candidate to another. Old voting machines, not a "rigged" election, are likely to blame.

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